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Update May 25th 2020: These are reviews for the Josie Day Cover Band which is no longer in business. Josie is still entertaining in different bands and in her own original band too.

I go to “Poway’s Irish Pub” almost every Friday and Saturday night to have a drink, yell and scream, jump up and down, and listen to some great San Diego area cover bands. Most of them are very good, both instrumentally and vocally.
But last Friday, when I heard Josie sing the first verse of her first song, I said to myself, “Whoa! This girl can REALLY sing!” Then I looked up at the stage and saw how relaxed she was, how professionally she moved and handled the mike, and the way she just radiated her love for the music, and I was totally blown away! 
Josie Day is a first class vocalist and entertainer, FULL STOP. If you don’t believe me, just go to YouTube and watch and listen to her rendition of "Love On Top" by Beyonce. Most local singers wouldn't get anywhere near such a difficult song, let alone perform it as well as, or even better than the original artist!

What I want to know is this: "Josie, when will you be appearing in Vegas? Please let me know, so my wife and I can plan our vacation. Thanks." - Bruce H, Poway CA, Fan March 13th 2018

The Josie Day Band has played parties for me for 3 years, and they keep getting better and better. This year, they played for my 25th anniversary party. Josie Day has a great range of music to cater to everyone in the crowd, from Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra to a huge selection of top 40 and popular dance songs. Everyone loves their music, and her voice is fantastic. Josie even does sound checks throughout the house to make sure that the volume is high enough to get the crowd involved, but low enough so that folks can talk and catch-up. This is EXTREMELY important. She also learned some specially requested new songs, and did a spectacular job with them. Thank you, Josie & Eric! - Sharon S. Rancho Santa Fe, Private Client Oct 26th 2016

After seeing josie day and the band perform several times throughout san diego, we asked if they would play at our wedding, and they were fantastic! Great energy with the crowd, great spread of music to cater to everyone in the crowd, from pop classics to today's hits. They were also great as the MC for the wedding. They had everyone dancing and having a great time, really tied the wedding together! - Keith Holt, San Diego, Groom Oct 23rd 2016

Saw Josie Day and her band in Poway, CA last weekend while on vacation. I was waiting in line outside and I could hear them playing and Josie's voice grabbed my attention right away. Once I got inside I was progressively impressed with her voice the more I heard, she has an incredible range and stamina that never faltered, even late in the evening. Visually Josie commands the stage with confidence and effortlessly interacts with the crowd a fun loving flirty way. What an elite talent!! Josie Day stole my heart that night!! - Ray Ballard, Ohio, Fan May 27th 2015

I saw The Josie Day Band for the first time a year ago. Ever since then I can't get enough. I love music, I love to dance and the Josie Day Band plays AWESOME music. The energy of this band is amazing,, fun and Josie has the most powerful voice. and lets not forget the rest of the band, they simply all are a great team they fill the dance floor up all night. A must see me, once you've experienced The Josie Day Band they will leave you wanting more!!!!! - Jody Steinbrenner, San Diego, Fan March 16th 2016

The Josie Day Band is worth following... Josie has an absolutely amazing voice and loves to please her audience. The band plays a vast variety of music of great hits from all eras. You can't just sit in your seat; they make you want to go out and dance!!! Always a fantastic night of fun!! - Rosangela Assenti, San Diego, Fan March 16th 2016

Something I've learned as a band photographer: live music ain't radio. It's not just the sound--the band has to connect with the audience, to be the hosts of the party. Josie Day band is exactly that. Everybody's having fun and it shows--and the audience feels it. They fill the dance floor in a hurry and people hang around until late. They have a great selection of party songs and they capture the feeling and energy of the original recording. . .maybe with their own little twist. If you're throwing a party: bring them along! - Frank Rodrick, Professional Photographer Dec 26th 2014

This girl..... Josie Day....the absolute most amazing singer!!!!!!! Pay attention people.... - Andrew Chavez, San Diego, Fan Nov 23rd 2014

Josie Day can't beat them ,great energy, great vocals great dance tunes....check it out. - Dirk Westerhout, owner of Dirk's Niteclub, Lemon Grove, CA May 16th 2015